"You don't have to live in the dark to save electricity.
Use a trained and accredited EcoSmart Electrician who
can show you how to make your home or business energy efficient"

What is an EcoSmart Electrician?

An EcoSmart Electrician is a licensed Electrical Contractor that is also trained, certified and accredited in energy efficiency. All EcoSmart Electricians have been professionally trained in energy efficient products, technologies and installations so that they are fully qualified and capable to assist you in reducing your energy usage, saving you money and play your small role in helping our environment.

Why choose an EcoSmart Electrician?

EcoSmart electricians have been trained to provide you with a complete energy efficient electrical solution for your home, office or factory. They can assist you too:
  • Reduce your electricity bills by lowering your energy consumption
  • Help the environment by reducing your energy requirements
  • Contribute to a more sustainable future for us all
Solar Power - Coming Soon

We are currently updating our certifications in Solar Power for Electricity. Contact us for more info.


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