The soft tones of downlights, when teamed up with dimming controls, are an effective way of creating the perfect mood. You can choose the desired ambience you want by selecting from a cool white through to soft warm lighting.

Clipsal’s extensive downlight range comes in many varieties to satisfy your style and budget. They’re available with standard dichroic lamps, the latest IRC technology, metal halide lamps and energy saving Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and LEDs, so there’s sure to be a downlight to suit your needs.


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Powerpoints and Light Switches

Deciding on wall and carpet colours, tile designs and tap styles can be quite time consuming, however many people won’t give a second thought to the look and style of their electrical installation

It is assumed that there are no options outside the standard white plastic switch. With Clipsal, nothing could be further from the truth! Gone are the days where a switch had to be a boring white rectangle fixed by a screw top and bottom! Today, there are colours and styles to enhance any décor. You can also have colours and styles for your power points. No matter if your home is federation, colonial, contemporary or ultra modern, there is a style and colour to suit.

Architects and builders will tell you that when it comes to décor, it’s the detail that sets the best homes apart.




Air Movement and Heating

Ceiling sweep fans are fashionable, super quiet and an effective way to freshen the air and cool your home, while saving energy and reducing air-conditioning costs.

The convenience and comfort of warming up efficiently in winter comes at a price - energy consumption and cost. Choosing the right types of heating and air circulation, and implementing effective insulation measures can all assist in minimising your excess energy costs.



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